WSV 1923 Bad Freienwalde Jumping hills

Jumping hills

All ski jumping hills at the Sparkassen Ski Arena can be used in summer and winter. Special designed mats and weather-independent inrun tracks allow all-season ski jumping in Bad Freienwalde.

Spa-town Hill “Helmut Recknagel” K60

In celebration of the 80th birthday of our friend and well-known supporter Helmut Recknagel, the ski jumping hill was named after him in a ceremony in 2017.

Constructed: 2008 | K-point: 60 m | Hill size: 70 m | Tower height: 38 m | Slant take-off zone10° | Slant landing zone: 31,8°


K42 Hill at the Papengrund

Constructed: 2003 | K-point: 42 m | Tower height: 6 m |  Slant landing zone: 35°


K21 Hill at the Papengrund

Constructed: 2001 | K-point: 21 m


K10 Hill at the Papengrund

Constructed: 2001 | K-point: 10 m


K4 Hill at the Papengrund

K-point: 4 m 🙂